ʻBody. Electric.ʻ started as a thought experiment between Michael and I. However, it’s blossomed into a powerful ‘social’ science fiction, i.e. Asimov-ian take on the genre. I donʻt want to spoil anything for you but lets say itʻs like... To kill a mockingbird... with robots...

 Throughout the script, there are references to our favorite films and books, which are fun, little Easter eggs and an interesting way to communicate with the audience.

Please Join us on this journey!




We wanted to leave a lingering question for the viewers—who is ultimately the guilty party in this piece?


The best science fiction pushes boundaries and reexamines social norms, and I think we’ve done that.


The juxtaposition of the cruel metal and stone city with the quaint rural town plays a large part in the story and echoes the struggle on screen.


Rules are broken, but whose rules are they? 

I want to utilize only practical effects when possible. We might even try some matte painting... Needless to say much of this film will be in miniatures since a large studio space for sets is out of the price range for now...


We will spend each donated dollar on the production and we will also be updating our YouTube page regularly so stay tuned and subscribe!

We intend to do as much as we can in-house, but we realize we’ll have to send the finished product to a decent post house for effects and audio. This is our first large production, and we need as much help as possible to bring our creative vision to life. 





 Iʻve assembled a production team, my A team, and they all have the required skills to pull it off.


My co-writer, Michael Adams, is a published poet and author. His latest novel is entitled The Adversary’s Good News. He has also previously written short films with me.


Personally, I love to write and direct, and I’m finally able to fully exercise my creativity since my production company, Rooks LLC, has hit its 7th year in Washington, DC. 

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